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Career: Medicine

Outcome: Understand the life of a doctor, what to expect and be prepared for. 

Final Project: Document their experiences in the form of a vlog, blog or podcast. 

No of sessions: 8 ( each of duration 1.5 hrs ) 

Mode: Online & last session offline

Date of Start: 16th October

Every Monday, 6.30 - 8 pm IST

Age groups: 13- 18 years


Diagnosis skills, Active listening and observation, Empathy, Mock Patient interactions, Careers in Medicine ( doctor and non-doctor ). The final experience could be an offline Paramedic experience offline. 

INR 6500/student

Dr nithya.jpeg

Dr. Nithya

Care On Call is a pioneer
home and corporate
healthcare company in
Bangalore ensuring affordable,
accessible and quality
healthcare pan-Bangalore!
It has catered to over 4.5 lakh
patients across the city,
conducted over 500
healthcamps & awareness
sessions, and is the only
company whose doctors and
nurses do home visits 24x7!!


Know more about how this Industry works


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Get certified, you hustled!


Your future kinda hazy in your eyes? Don't worry, pick an internship that interests you and find your dream career, have fun with it! Get to know YOU a little bit.

Sanvi, Neev Academy,Bengaluru

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