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Working with laptops





Fill in the online Application Form.  The more thorough you are, the better are your chances of getting selected for step 2.



Attend the interview with our Team. It helps to come prepared. The interview will assess your skills & attitude fitment with Real companies.



Once selected, Become a Member at INR 3000 for 6 months. Start your work internships with the Customised Internship Roadmap provided to you.

Ever dreamed of diving into the real world and getting a taste of your dream career?

Work internships are like your backstage pass to the professional world!

Here's why you should totally jump on board:

Office Hang Out

Get Hands-On

 Forget boring textbooks! Internships let you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty (in a good way). You'll learn way more when you're actually doing stuff!

Fashion Photography

Explore Your Passions

Ever wondered what it's like to work in gaming, fashion, or tech? Internships let you test-drive different careers and find out what you love (and what you're really good at).

People with Masks

Make Connections

You'll meet tons of cool people from industry pros to fellow interns who could become lifelong friends. Plus, networking now could open doors later!

Business Meeting

Build your


 Future colleges and employers love seeing that you've taken initiative and gained real-world experience. It shows you're serious about your future.

Dance Rehearsal

Learn Skills (and Have Fun!)

 Internships aren't just about work. You'll pick up all kinds of skills – like teamwork, problem-solving, and maybe even some secret office coffee-making tricks!



Work Internship Application Form

Please take 5-8 minutes to fill this application form. 

Skills I have ( basic - advanced )
How much time can you give for the internship during Holidays
How much time can you give for the internship during School days/weekends

Your application has been received. We will revert in 24-48 hours

Online Class

Our Interns

"I’m very glad and excited to have this opportunity to explore what the workforce is like. Internships provide great exposure to the real world and help us build valuable skills which will be very useful for us in the future"

Siri, 17

Bangalore, work internship manager at Teen Interns for Shankara Cancer Hospital and Daniella.

Cute Girl
  • What are the skills required for this internship?
    Basic skills like communication, time management, team management. And subjective skills that are required by the choice of internship. For example: design internship requires digital platform knowledge, illustration, etc.
  • What is the time commitment for this internship?
    Depending on the choice of internship, there are different time commitments but no internships should require more than 5 hours per week.
  • What is the age group that can apply for this internship?
    Its meant for teenagers so any child from the age of 13 to 19 years!
  • What happens after the Interview?
    After the attending the Interview call, your skills and aptitude is matched with the requirements of the company. Only after mapping, the Internship roles are assigned to the Teens.
  • Is the interview scary?
    The interview is NOT scary. It is a group interview which makes it feel more like a friendly group discussion where everyone gets to know each other. The environment is calm and peaceful and our interviewer Sonali Dutta makes you feel comfortable and is very approachable.
  • What do you look for in an interview?
    We will make note of KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude) for the roles that are open in various companies who have partnered with us.
  • Is a laptop compulsory?
    Having a laptop is definitely helpful, but it depends on the type of internship. Some teens have been very resourceful with phones and tabs too.
  • What we can learn by the end of the Internship?
    You will work with real companies and learn real life skills. All this will be added to your portfolio of skills which will help you in college applications.
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