Virtual Global internships that allow you ''try out'' careers based on your hobbies, subjects you like or your dream careers.  Get Mentored by the best in the field of your choice.


8th MARCH 2021


( 14- 19 yrs )






Get a reality check of various careers


Be a step ahead with real skills, not just knowledge

Start building for scholarships & colleges


Get to work & learn with the best in the industry






For beginners who want to take time to explore many internships




Suggested for ages 14 & 15

Access to unlimited internships

( View sample listing )

ONE YEAR  access

Access to weekly support groups

Portfolio page for college portfolios

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Platform access from 8th March



For teens who have a certain level of clarity & want to continue to explore 




Suggested for ages 16-17

Access to unlimited internships

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SIX month access + renewal option

Access to weekly support groups

Access to all Masterclasses with experts

Immediate offline access to internships; via platform from 8th March

Portfolio page for college portfolios
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For teens with internship experience

& want specialised internships




Suggested for ages 18-19

Access to unlimited internships

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THREE month access + renewal option

Access to weekly support groups

Access to all Masterclasses with experts

Personal Internship Mentor

Portfolio page for college portfolios
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Immediate offline access to internships; via platform from 8th March



Which Membership plan do you want access to?


When do I get to start interning?

If you have signed up for the PRO plan/ ADV plan, internships will be shared with you immediately. Incluing a mentor ( in case of ADV plan ) who will work with you and help you identfy areas you will benefit from interning. The tech platform will be available for access from 8th March 202. If you have signed up for the BASIC plan. You get one month unlimited access to all internships from 8th March 2021.

When does my 6 month PRO plan & ADV Plan start and end?

The priviledges of both plans will begin from the moment you sign up. Offifically the plan will be accessible to you via teh tech platform from 8th March till 6 months from then ( in case of PRO plan ) and 3 months from then ( in case of ADV plan )

I am not very well versed in all these fields but I am very interested. Should I still intern?

Fab question and an important one.

Here is how you can approach it.
1. Identify skills you already have, like video editing, writing, speaking reserach etc. Look at internships which allow you to try out these skills in REAL WORLD projects. 2. Look at fields you want to intern in, like Fitness, Music management, App development etc. Apply for an internship in this field for Mentoring from the expert, in exchange list out things you can help the mentor with. ( Which could be the skills you have ( Point 1 ) ) Continue to invest in additional online programs or youtube videos to get a strong hold of the work you will be doing during the internship.

Will I get to learn new things during the internship?

Yes! Most definitely. So here's the thing. An internship is the MIDDLE POINT between SCHOOL and WORK. Look at the below illustration to understand more. We encourage you to self learn the basics on the side during the internship so you can use the internship to work on stuff with real time mentoring from the expert on the work you do.

What role must my parents play in this internship?

To make the best use fo the internship for you, it is best if you are to work on the projects independently. In some cases, information shared by your Mentor at work will be confidential too. We know you will respect it. It is important that your parents are aware of the internships you have been accepted into. From duration to roles. Once you start an internship, you will be expected to finish it. Have an honest discussion with your parents and reach out to them for help wrt time management especially if you have exams and school projects around the corner. Dropping out in between for various reasons may reflect badly on your profile.

What is the kind of time I need to put in?

It depends on the internship and your personal ''work'' speed.

We have internships listing from 2 hours all the way to 2 months.
Choose what works for you. You have ample time to do as many internships as you wish to through the platform. The listing will also mention an averag amount of time that will be expected from you. Look into that before you apply.

How many internships can I apply for?

In all three plans - BASIC, PRO and ADVANCED you can apply for unlimited internships. To get started, apply for 5 diverese internships and once accepted you could take on one or max two at a time. The idea of the platform is to try out various internships. Familiar and unfamiliar ones. I n your periphery of interest and outside. Let them be diverse so you can explore your holistic self.
An example could be: You know how to build an app. You are a coder teen. Try digital marketing, content writing, agricultural sciences and even interior design. You never know what you will discover :)

What are Yellow Collar internships?

The future of work is here. Jobs of the future are called yellow collar careers. These careers need two things from you 1. PASSION 2. SKILLS/COMPETENCE ( in other words, ability to get the job done ) Internships in these fields that will drive the future of work are called Yellow Collar Internships. Check out the TEDx talk to know more.

Are the internships virtual?

Yes! 80% of the internships are online/virtual. They are global internships. The future of work is remote and online. So why not get a taste of it today! 20% of the internships will be offline in association with partners who have strong HR policies ( for minors ) to ensure you are in a safe environment. Parent supervison may be required in some cases.

I am excited and nervous. Can I do this? I am not fully prepared I think..

What is on your mind is on most people's mind. It is absolutely normal to compare your self or even doubt yourself. We understand teenagers. This platform is specially designed keeping a teenager like you in mind. We want you to try and attempt despite being afraid. Why? Because you deserve to discover your full potential. The experts who list their internships understand that you are here to explore and contribute in whatever capacity you can ( right now). And they are here to guide you. Have honest and constant communication with your mentor. Reach out for guidance, Be an effective listener. Make notes if you don't trust your memory. Be your own cheerleader. Talk to other teens during the meetups. and we think you are ready to go! You can do this:)

Will I get paid for the internship?

We prefer that there are no cash rewards as most of you are minors. Also, we believe the focus must be on the learning, exploring and mentoring. You have your whole life ahead to earn. And you will earn the big bucks. There is a time to earn and learn. Right now, let us start with the Learn. What say? We however want you to earn in various other forms Certificates Letter of recommendation for your college applications Mentorship by the expert to pick up a new skill Contribution to your college fund Gift vouchers E-learning vouchers Special invites to closed events by Experts Linkedin recommendation do write to us if you have anything else in mind.

Why do I need to apply?

Every internship listing is open to all teens on the platform. You apply to make a case for your self. WHY do you want this internship? Any Similar work or skills you have to showcase for this internship. ( these are called sample projects ) If you are an ADV member, your personal mentor will help you streamline these personal projects and review your application before you apply.

How do I access internships till 8th March?

For PRO and ADV members, the internship listings will be shared offline via whatsapp/Instagram/Email ID's. You can apply to them offline and get started once selected. Masterclasses on, What to expect in an internship? How to make your profile strong? How to apply etc shall be conducted regularly so that you can make the best use of the Platform.

I am unable to find the internship that I want?

No sweat! This platform is designed for teens. Write to us on with the internship you are interested, why you are suited for it in and we will find it for you :)

How will a personal internship mentor help me?

For ADV memberships we have a personal mentor who you can reach out to any time for the following 1. Strengthening your profile 2. Review of your submission before applying for a listing 3. Accelerated learning 4. Clarify doubts 5. Showcase your strengths 6. Understand internship etiquettes etc.

What are Masterclasses?

A Masterclass is a 30 min to 60 min class conducted by experts to help you pick up a skill. Ex: Email writing How to raise funds How to come up with a social media calendar Basics of Design How to manage time and school during internships etc

What does the support group do?

The support group is a weekly community that meets to discussion dobuts, challenges etc that you as a teen may face during the internship process. Don't worry, we are here to guide you as long as you remember to reach out!

What can I get with my ONE month plan

The one month plan is designed for you to get the maxium benefit of applying for unlimited internships for an entire month. The portfolio page will also be accessible. You will not have access to support groups and masterclasses.

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