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Teen Psychologist


Career Talk: All about Psychology

Skilling internship: Mental health know-how and management.

Project Work: Create a Digital Mental Health Awareness Presence via a podcast, social Media page or website.

Work internship: Work as a Mentor/Counselor assistant.

No. of sessions: 8 (1.5 hours each)

Start date: 17th October 2023

Age Group : 13-18 years

Every Tuesday, 6 PM to 7.30 PM

Seema Pillutla_edited.jpg


Seema Pillutla

Seema Pillutla is a multifaceted professional, seamlessly weaving the roles of Practising Psychotherapist, Educator, and Mentor into her remarkable career. She offers one-on-one therapy across various age groups, mentors teens at The Expression Society, guides MA Psychology students, conducts corporate training, and hosts a range of psychological workshops. Furthermore, her influence extends to her pivotal role in the ILM Leadership team.


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Sanvi, Neev Academy,Bengaluru

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