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Pricing and Payment Process

Thank you for considering TeenIntern for your skilling internship needs. Below, we outline our pricing structure and payment process to ensure transparency and ease of use for our valued customers.

Teenintern operates as a subsidiary brand of TIG INTERNSHIP PRIVATE LIMITED, demonstrating its affiliation within the company's corporate structure.

At TeenIntern, we offer a range of skilling internships designed to enhance your learning experience.


Our pricing varies depending on the type and complexity of the internship, ranging from Rs.2500 to Rs.7500.

We provide two types of internships: Online and Offline. Online internships are conducted through live sessions hosted on our platform, while Offline internships are conducted in partnership with various schools.

Regardless of the type of internship you choose, your purchase grants you lifetime access to the skilling materials.

Payment Process:

  1. Selection of Skilling Internship: Customers begin by selecting the skilling internship of their choice. Upon selecting a specific internship, they are directed to a dedicated page containing detailed information about the course curriculum, mentorship, pricing, duration, and more.

  2. Enrollment Process: After reviewing the provided information and ensuring satisfaction, customers initiate the enrollment process by clicking on the "Enroll Now" button. At this stage, they are prompted to provide basic details such as name, email, and contact number. If they are logged in, these details are auto-filled; otherwise, they are prompted to log in before proceeding.

  3. Payment: Once the necessary details are provided, customers proceed to the payment stage. We utilize Cashfree for our payment processing, ensuring a secure and seamless transaction experience. Customers are redirected to Cashfree's platform to complete the payment process. Upon successful payment, they are redirected back to our site to finalize enrollment.

  4. Completion of Enrollment: With payment confirmed, customers are directed to their account dashboard, where they can access their enrolled skilling internship. From there, they can begin their learning journey with TeenIntern.

We assure you that our pricing and payment process are designed with your convenience and security in mind. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our pricing or payment flow, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing TeenIntern for your skilling needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your learning goals.

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