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Career Talk: Careers in Finance

Skilling internship: Chartered accountancy skills (basic)

Project Work: Manage a hypothetical company's finances as a Virtual CA.

Work internship: Work as a CA assistant

No. of sessions: 8 (1.5 hours each)

Start date: 20th October 2023

Age Group : 13-18 years

Every Friday, 6.30 PM to 8 PM

Computer Work

Fakhrudeen Imtiaz

Fakhrudeen is a versatile professional who, as the Founder of Ledger360, combines his expertise in accounting with roles such as Audit and Risk Advisor, GST Consultant, Tax Advisor, Bookkeeper, and Start-up Advisor.


Know more about how this Industry works


Pick up skills at the Internship with a Mentor and build your own project


Get certified, you hustled!


Your future kinda hazy in your eyes? Don't worry, pick an internship that interests you and find your dream career, have fun with it! Get to know YOU a little bit.

Sanvi, Neev Academy,Bengaluru

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