About Us

Helping teenagers connect  to the world of work...

If you are a teenager or parent of a teenager, you are looking at the right page. 

Help your child discover who they are by EXPERIENCING various careers with experts from various fields. 

The platform is a virtual ( safe ) internship platform that models what the #futureofwork looks like. 

Your children will not just get clarity on a career they wish to choose but also learn 

Effective communication 

Time management

Goal Setting 




Taking responsibility etc

Apart from being uber confident, this platform is aimed to truly prepare the next-gen for the next-gen careers.

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Meet The Team

Meet The Management Team

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Meet The Teen Team

Mala Mary Martina

CEO & Founder

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Meet the jack of all trades, she is the CEO of I Love Mondays, a Bestselling Author,  TEDxSpeaker ,Career Expert and a Youtuber. Besides, she is super cool, full of life and a dog lover.

Varun Menon

Director & Advisor

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The ambitious Director of Teen Interns is also an entrepreneur and a strategy consultant. Zeal for building motorcycles, cynophile and enjoys cooking.

Chahat Chadha

Account Management 

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Fun loving and delightful Account manager at TeenInterns. A tutor, hodophile and loves collaborating with teens.

Smitha Kumar

Account Management

 Smitha, a mother of a tween , she loves trying out new skills which will help children to learn new habits to follow and grow.  she has trained children through art/dance to cope up with their memory and aggressiveness.

Aishwarya T

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Show stopper speaker, leader and influencer. In grade 12, Christ Academy, Bengaluru. Loves politics, dance and helping people. 

Aditi Pradeep

11th grader & the head of the digital marketing team for Instagram! She organises the content and plan the whole Instagram process! And leads the school programs

Aida S

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Loves to read, write, and design. Has a powerful creative streak. A grade 8 student from

Neev Academy, Bangalore

Yuvraj G

    Tech-savvy loves Minecraft, anime and books. Studies in grade 9 at

    Sri Chaitanya School, Bangalore. His speciality - Design thinking.

    Akshata Subbaraya

    Partner Relations

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    First love - client servicing in advertising eventually married to it as a career option.The transition from traditional to the digital world has been an exciting journey!!

    Along with shopping, cooking experimentation, fitness, treks and travelling the world keeps me occupied

    Jayesh Kaushik

    Partner Relations

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      An ambitious risk taker, with love for entrepreneurship

      Loves to network, learn and solve problems.

      He is a dog lover and a professional footballer

      Jeevitha A

      Operations Management

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      From engineering to creative work to operations. Always learning and discovering what she is capable of. 

      Vairaeswari Kathir

      Growth Management

       A scholar of Business Admin, but loves to explore and learn  interesting things & acquire new knowledge always. 

      Mahi K

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      Besides just finishing 10th grade, she is an avid reader, writer, and professional badminton player along with various other hobbies!

      Abigail Prabhu

      Confident speaker, avid reader, loves creating content and organising events. 11th grade from Vellore

      Advika G

      Advika is a 15 year old teenager who has her own blog and has won several skit competitions in her school and she is working with the growth team!

      Srividya Karthik

        8th grader , who is an expert in video editing and photography ,she has won many prizes for elocution and is our Instagram video editor! She is also our youtube manager!

        Yash Arakeri

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        This is yash, he loves talking and interacting with people, he has many hobbies and loves trying new things. He drives the mentoring sessions


        Medha is very good at singing won many prizes she is also a good Munner and she is very good at writing essays she also won prizes/ She is a very good speaker.

        Vihaan Sachdeva

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        Active MUNner, politically aware and an opportunist. Studying in Grade 11 at

        Daly College, Indore. He is part of the CEO team. 

        Vishanth V

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          School debate club president, active MUN participant, huge fan of football and cricket

          1st-year college at ISBF Delhi lives in Chennai

          Krithika Balakumar


          Started her career with Java and after nearly an indiction as a Business Analyst discovered her true love - Mentoring!! She is fun loving, gregarious, a bibliophile, a Bardolater, proud mom of a fournado and is always unlearning and learning!!!

          Sanjana Alle

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          A 16 year old sassy teen with a good number of certificates! , she is an author and a certified public speaker . She leads the teen volunteers team and the support groups

          Lara Ruth Pinto

          Lara is 14 years old and is multitasking 5 internships at once. She's really fond of music, sports, designing posters and not to mention Greek Mythology as well!

          Parina Jain

          Studies in the ninth grade and is thirteen years old. She loves to paint, read, write and play the piano. She is interning with the AR Rahman foundation as part of their marketing team.